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loft yoga teacher teaching yoga class
Loft yoga student in hot yoga class

Simply put it is yoga postures or “asanas” practiced in a heated room, typically ranging from 85-105 degrees. Warm yoga is a variation of hot yoga where the room is kept at a lower temperature. Hot yoga is practiced around the world and you may have heard of some of the more common forms called Bikram and Barkan. Each class follows a sequence of poses quickly creating familiarity and building confidence within your practice. Our instructors offer variations of postures to meet everyone’s needs.

We combine a variety of yoga styles including vinyasa or flow, yin, power, and core, which are paced and choreographed in ways so that each class offers you a completely different experience. We also like to mix things up and won’t let your practice grow stagnant, as we change the content and flow periodically.

Let the HEAT be your friend. Make peace with it. For our hot yoga classes, the studio is heated between 90 and 95 degrees with an approximate humidity of 40%. But don’t be intimidated, the heat is there to support and enhance your experience.


There are many benefits to practicing yoga in a heated room such as:

  • Increased circulation to your muscles allows for greater flexibility, which aids in lengthening your muscles and helps to prevent injury.

  • Increased heart rate deepens your cardiovascular workout.

  • Enhanced vasodilation so that more blood (oxygen) is delivered to your muscles, joints, and endocrine, thyroid, and lymphatic systems, bringing natural healing and balance back to your body.

  • Increased sweating helps to detoxify your body by flushing toxins from your blood, and metabolic waste from your muscles.

  • Faster breakdown of glucose and fatty acids.

Hot yoga is a great workout that will improve your overall health!

So what are you waiting for? Practice with us and ELEVATE your life!


Each position held by the body is joined through rhythmic breathing. Altogether, flow yoga creates strength and energy in the body. This form of yoga is very popular in Western culture. Today, many eating disorder residential programs, drug rehab facilities, and trauma treatment centers offer flow yoga as a part of their program.

Yoga is considered a type of exercise. In fact, flow yoga offers a wide variety of benefits including higher levels of strength, increased self-esteem, and a greater range of flexibility.

Flow yoga is performed best when proper breathing techniques are incorporated. Deep breathing helps to provide a relaxed, centered state and creates the “flow” connection to your postures.

Loft yoga class practicing warrior pose
loft yoga class practicing barre


The Barre workout is a full-body workout that will rapidly and safely transform your body, unlike anything you have ever tried. The 55-minute session is designed to burn fat and calories by combining components of ballet barre work, Pilates, yoga, and strength training. The end result produces tightened, sculpted, elongated muscles that create a beautiful, lean body.

Barre targets arms, shoulders, stomach, legs, and glutes. You’ll get to work each part in a fun and quick way. Barre class allows you to concentrate fully on your body.

If you are consistent with your barre workout, you will see results. Persistence is what will make your practice and body change and improve over time. So let’s ELEVATE the BARRE – join one of Loft Studio’s fabulous Barre classes today.

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